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A Little More About Me

As an enthusiastic Yoga Instructor based in the Wilmington area, my main goal is to help others discover the beauty yoga brings out in all of us. Whether you want to increase flexibility and range of motion, tone muscle and grow strong, or find mental focus through breath, I am confident I can provide you with the tools in yoga to achieve your goals.

Since 2009 I’ve regularly practiced yoga, and having the chance to share all that I’ve learned along the way with students fills me with joy. Something I know for sure is that everyone could use more yoga in their lives.



Masters of Teaching Health & PE

University of North Carolina Wilmington

In my masters program, I explored lesson and unit planning designed to improve the health and fitness of all ages. I researched and studied approaches to exercise for all abilities, as well as worked with students with varying differences.


200-Hour RYTT

Yoga Salt Wilmington

In Tamal Dodge's teacher training, I learned more than just the mechanics of asanas and building sequences. We discussed philosophy and nutrition rooted in the yogic system, stemming back thousands of years.

Expires August 2023

CPR First Aid & AED

American Red Cross

Basic life-saving skills for adults and children. I have carried this certification since I was a teenager, and feel confident I could help someone in need in an emergency situation.



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